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More Songs about Satan
400 Years into the Future, I Stole Your Beer, I Need My Guns, Out of Work Pirate, My Rich Uncle, Spirited Voyage, Anti-Macho Manifesto, Coffin Nails, Hands of the Living Dead, Perfect Robot Wife, Pirate Jesus, Please Don't Be My Baby, I Am Not a Psychiatrist, Shipwrecked on a Desert Isle, Touring Song, Sue My Neighbor, They'll Be No Mutiny, Why?


Food 4 the Fishes
(2009) 17 smash hits on this lovely new disc.
1. Food for the Fishes.2. Thirsty Pirates.3. Scurvy. 4.  Man Overboard!....5. I’m a Caveman.....
6. My Parrot’s Drunk 7.Angry....8.You’re So Fine
9.Cheapskate 10.Wee Crustaceans.
11.Drink and Cuss 12.Surrounded by Freaks. 13. Your Mom is Totally Hot 14.The
Land of Snuggly Goodness15.Torment,
Pain and Agony16. Walk the Plank.17. Yo
Ho Ho!.  


Captain Ronzo's Thirsty Christmas
There comes a time in every megastar's life when he must appease the masses and create his own very personal interpretations of the holday classics. It's the perfect family collection to put on while decorating the tree, wrapping presents, carving the Christmas ham or just quenching your insatiable Christmas thirst.


Transmissions from Nibiru -
Instrumental Concoctions by Ron Richter

Another great stocking stuffer is this collection of wonderful new instrumentals. Discover a whole 'nother side of Capt. Ronzo as he dazzles you with the tinkling of Casio keys and electric gadgetry. If you love Kraftwerk, Devo, Tomita, and Tangerine Dream, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that you will like this!


The Life and Times of Captain Ronzo
Ron's Music History Corner